May 16, 2011

Pacquiao and A-Side-Meth

Apparently Hitler's an aficionado of boxing.


There's a fundamental chasm between western and eastern cultures, particularly in terms of fighting arts and the mechanics of the human body. For most western mindset, the body is fairly limited to certain functions and it can only perform beyond that limitation by popping a pill or injecting certain chemicals like steroids, HGH.

If that be the case, then how did the old-school greats like Sugar Ray Robinson etc. achieved their success? Are we saying, that in the current times, all men have fully devolved? Or that their old school background is not anymore duplicated today?

It was said that Flash Elorde would eat unpolished brown rice and eggs from native chicken when training to fight. Are we now saying that it is not possible for the current crop of boxers to eat or train as Elorde would have?

No. Maybe it's a little bit difficult to grow in an environment like a Sugar Ray Robinson had. But somewhere in the world, there must be areas where non-flouridated waters are coming from mountain springs and the staple would include natural foods like vegetables, wild fruits, fish and macrobiotic rice. And as for training, I would say today we should have an accumulated knowledge that is better than SRR would have tried.

What I believe is lacking as to make anyone with old-school capabilities to be suspected doper is the right mentality. The mentality that too many western minds have neglected to appreciate is the receptiveness to the intangibles that makes a Spud Webb dunk the ball at his height of 5'7":

or Bata Reyes to achieve stupendous calculations for his billiard shots:

I would say, perhaps these guys have unknowingly tapped into their store of "Chi" and directed it to achieve these feats.

Quoting from in their article on Chi:

".. (western) science” is firmly based on inanimate models and data-recording devices, whereas chi (in the central sense of this book) is intimately related to distinctively animate phenomena and cultivated human sensing. An additional problem is that Western science–especially “medical science”–has become dogmatic, so that it rejects any logical conclusion which lies outside its paradigm. The prevailing attitude is: If we can’t deal with it on our terms, it does not exist, because only our terms are valid. Cultural anthropologists call such systematic ignorance “ethnocentrism”–being confined, unaware of the confinement, by one’s own culture."

The article further states:

"Western science recognizes, via its metering devices, that the living organism possesses an EM field. And both meters and Kirlian photography show that the field extends beyond the “physical” (visible, palpable) boundary of the body. But “science” proposes that this field is biologically secondary, an effect produced by the biochemical substances of the body. This seems logical enough until we ask: What is the difference between a living human (or animal or plant) and a corpse, and why? What causes fetuses to be formed? What causes living tissue to regenerate? To these questions science has no answers that are not circular or evasive in logic.

The differences between a living human being and a corpse are that the former has an EM field and movement (together called “bioenergy”) and neutral chemical acidity, whereas the latter lacks an EM field, does not move, and is highly acidic. Three possible implied explanations for the changes between the living and the dead can be stated in the form of propositions: (1) absence of bioenergy is an effect of altered biochemistry (the Western scientific proposition; (2) altered biochemistry and exhaustion of bioenergy are effects of a third factor; (3) altered biochemistry is an effect of exhaustion of bioenergy (the Chinese scientific proposition).

Because of my personal lack of exposure to the study of 'chi' and a limited martial arts study via some old books and plenty of movies, I feel unqualified to explore these subject. However, my mind is receptive to the concept as well as to the existence of things or forces which are normally beyond our human vision.

When I was a child, many times when I got sick, I could see dark images of faces that seemed to enjoy my suffering. As I would close my eyes, outline of a mocking face behind my closed eyelids would form. So I would always be under the sheets or call my mother who would bring some "tinola" chicken soup or "calamansi" juice to heal me of my fever.

I learned to cope and shutdown my reception to these instances but some years ago, I was able to hear from a sick child the same thing. Now it can be opined that these annoying shadow people are themselves helpless if you learn to have mastery over your own energies. They could have been just thieving the energies coming from the pure life streams coming from the innocents. In fact, I heard some shamans were able to capture these beings and make them their slaves.

On the other hand, you may just consider that a human body is not just an amalgamation of chemical substances. There must be other energy streams flowing along the human body.

Even western cultures would readily believe some kind of forces beyond the physical sensitivities and they would call this the good and evil forces as taught by religion.

So at least consider that invisible meridians of energy flow across the body. And that's how the reflexologists and acupuncturists would explain their healing arts.

Consider also that these meridians of energy can accumulate on certain capacitor-like points of the body which may refer to the new age term - chakras. Now what if these capacitors can be tapped by invisible forces as their own sustenance? What if the human battery can be harnessed both by the human itself or otherwise by another?

Amulet, talisman, "anting-anting", agimat, crystals: I can't really differentiate them and I suspect it may refer also to what Roger Mayweather unknowingly termed as "a-side-meth".

- Agimat
- A - gi - mat
- A - shie - maet
- A - side- meth

I suspect such objects may serve as a mechanism to make a human produce certain flavors of chi. It is a self-induced mental sorcery whereby the human energies are mentally directed or concentrated. It may be like a magnifying glass that can be used to focus what is otherwise a slight annoyance of sunlight into a stream of igniting rays. All along, it is the human that powers the 'agimat'!

That's why maintaining the powers of these amulets requires certain dedication for repetitive rituals or practices. One can show certain out-of-this world qualities but at what cost?

From what I heard and observed, people who maintained such bullet bouncing amulets or other powers for fighting have in the end became victims of their own propensity for trouble. For example, as all their dedication were channeled for evading bullets they became enemies with many who could use blades or other weapons.

Lest boxers from other countries go to Quiapo in haste to get an implant of amulet - they have to ask the question. What does it would cost to have these invincibilities? Will it be balanced out by vulnerabilities in other areas?

Someone will say only a random blood test will level the playing field. But now that we say "Chi" can also elevate one's performance, will we also require full body pat down and poking like they do in TSA?

For sure, such invasive testing will not be beneficial. As for Floyd's suggestion, the same is not really an olympic style test because an olympic style test involves testing even when there's no event. Also, OST can be used by a host country to annoy it's competitions to make them perform less.

There is now a report about new test that would not neccesitate pricking the athlete's veins. It is explained here.

Also, a hair follicle test, once and for all, can determine whether these guys have doped in the past (3 months up to 2 years).

I just hope Floyd's reason for going bald is just for avoiding bad hair days like his father had.

As for amulets, agimat or a-side-meth heres my opinion:

Are we to prohibit Bata Reyes from not wearing his dentures when he feels like using them will lessen his performance? Or are we checking to see if Spud Webb have a special sock in order to leap so high?

If someone implants a rosary on his chest or stuck a packet of sacred salt in his trunks, I think its all good as long as the effects of such actions are limited to their mental or esoteric beliefs to perform better. - On the other hand, I guess implants would be to their own disadvantage.

Now, what I suggest to sports practitioners is to learn to be one with their own bodies: To listen to their own natural abilities and to understand their chi energy like Bruce Lee. Now, you woudn't accuse Bruce Lee of being into PEDs or HGH. Or would you?

Obviously, it would require much practice with some philosophical theory to gain mastery of this chi energy. I think if people understand this better, there will be many more applications other than for combat purposes.

It will entail "qigong" or "chi kung" - a Chinese philosophy and practice of aligning breath, physical activity and awareness for mental, spiritual and corporeal health, as well as the development of human potential (anyway, all of these are forced upon oneself by real dedicated training). As I heard, the most masterful of these martial artists were the most peaceful and philosophically wise among them.

Litlle knowledge is dangerous but wisdom is always potentially beneficial if applied properly.

Without a master, I think one can, by sheer force of will and loads of training and dedication, be fluid and one with his own body. An amulet or external object may not be needed in order to motivate one to a dedicated physical and mental development.

It may take one a lifetime to properly charge the A-side-meth or "agimat" but a lifetime of disciplined practice will be more balanced and achieve the same.

OST is designed for non-pro. And for professional practice, I think a non-invasive testing procedure must apply to all of them. Otherwise a special kind of testing whenever Pacquiao has an event is really meant to annoy or get him outside of the playing field.

The people who advocate such have a mental implant, they are succumbing to a meme that may need to be exorcised.

This is an article in a subtopic entitled- "Memes: The Manny Pacquiao Expose Series". The said article can be found in the Chapter III of my "Reboot" series which you can find here.


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