May 18, 2011

Manny Pacquiao: Unfulfilled Dreams To Fuel Success

The process of unlocking certain abilities which many may term as a "freak of nature" abilities takes a lengthy process.

Many individuals have achieved feats which turn out to be too far out beyond what is considered normal. But what's visible as an iceberg, rose up from lots of things that may be hidden beneath the ocean.

Many lives and abilities may have failed to surface out of the observers' view but it doesn't mean that they were unnecessary for the emergence of the tip that finally rises above the level.

When looking at the background of Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather, it will be of note that they were preceded by so many relatives and associates whose efforts in the arts of fighting did not come into fruition as they would have expected.

It only goes to show that - Life is too short for some endeavors. One lifetime is often not enough to execute the designs of its success.

Too many times, it will take one so many years to attain the wisdom in his arts. Introspection usually comes in the end of one's career. And all along his physical abilities have crystallized into a certain form that the wisdom cannot be fluidly executed anymore.

Nevertheless, youthful receptiveness may be able to tap this wisdom beyond verbal transference. Children are programmed all the time by their parents without neither knowingly intending it.

Much more, certain abilities are triggered when the introspection of the mentor is intendedly combined with the enthusiasm of a pupil.

It may not be too different from how Floyd Jr., triggered his abilities to surface. But it may not automatically click for every mentor and student who meet. Dela Hoya may have obtained mentorship from both Freddie Roach and Mayweather Sr., but he may have imbibed more from another.

It can be observed that many boxers who rose to fame were mentored by their father, however it can also be argued that such mentorship may unnecessarily confine one's abilities to a limit. And too many of these boxers tried to learn from another when their abilities have already crystallized into one form.

As a youth, I have experienced being able to envision the details of events that were in the near future. Perhaps Floyd Jr., is psychic. He is a reluctant player of the Manny Pacquiao script. The present events may after-all be just the playing out of scripts pre-written by humanity in a virtual laboratory.

Such is the importance of youth, such is the importance of mentorship which is another form of programming. Such is the importance of the creative flexibility of the young and the collective introspection of the wise.

The elites have kept some systems locked within their bloodlines. They tried, with much success, keeping social control via education, financial institutions and media. Most of these avenues remain within their control and they gear society towards perpetual dependence on the controls they build within their dynasty.

People look up to education as a way out to climb the social ladder and it can be allowed certain effectiveness by the controllers of society. Industries can be controlled by some people meeting over a dinner, so a worthwhile education can be a guessing game as to where the waves will blow next time.

For example, one could gain excellence in automotive engineering. But what happens when some powerful people decides to move out all such endeavors to China under another quid pro quo arrangement beneficial to their group?

Clearly, humanity has not scratched its own potential. And for the most part, such feats illustrated by Manny Pacquiao is an individual success that has very little impact on ideals of the larger majority of people. The more worthwhile endeavor will be, how to invest the youth of humanity in order to effectively better the planet as a whole.

Most of humanity hopes for a better condition for all, perhaps people need to mobilize and take action for this desired outcome.

The current leaders and controllers may not act to effect this change. It may need the collaboration of common people.

We have to fuel our future, to create the next generation that can rise above the ocean level - the level under-which humanity was submerged for so long with unfulfilled dreams.

This is an article in a subtopic entitled- "Memes: The Manny Pacquiao Expose Series". The said article can be found in the Chapter III of my "Reboot" series which you can find here.

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