August 20, 2012

Tales from the Realms - Surrounding Forces

... continued

    And so Mr. Mills explained to me a scenario in their time-line, how both Atlantis and Lemuria can rise up.  As the equator changes further, the planet will disperse or stretch the landmass on the new equator forming a bulge.  The previous equatorial plane compresses and the water level will shift to new locations.

   Pacific islands will become the mountaintops of rising Mu, Atlantis will be pushed up as the Atlantic ocean narrows down, Middle east will have sufficient rainfall and the whole globe gains in size.

   These things were explained to him by the Maldekian he met. However, the elites in the governments and institutions must have been anticipating massive earth changes but they are not explaining them and instead cut off the computer networks and overtly took control of the avenues of information in an alien invasion scenario. 

   Recently, massive losses to lives and properties are beginning to manifest these upheavals and the apparently deliberate moves to cull the population.  At the same time,  forces to save humanity were able to enter the Gulf of Yemen portal. They were able to disrupt the Orion cabal communications and they are disabling the seabed explosives.

   In Iraq (Afghanistan was used as a decoy and for an oil pipeline construction), the Orion Stargate which have a counterpart in Nibiru may not be activated as they have hoped.

   Mr. Mills on his part has designed some micro-memory computer plug-in to be distributed with live alternative operating systems.  The same gadget has some eavesdropping circuitry to tap into government signals operating at the cabal underground bases.  These will activate when certain operations are  performed in sequence.

   Other ships outside the globe's atmosphere are on the standby and ready at the signal of Agarthians and affiliate forces.  The above-ground military concessionaires of the cabal have restricted movement of people and instituted advanced scanners to ferret out the human looking liberating forces.

   In Mr. Mills' time-line similar comets have come to the solar system earlier.  These hollow bodies were able to transport lots of cargo and humanoid liberating forces.  Hayutake, Elenin and other smaller hollowed liberation cargo transports were successful while the Shoemaker levy cargo of reptoid and draco forces was neutralized.  The large majority of greys and zeta which have themselves treated badly were ready to defect.

.... to be continued 


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