September 27, 2012

Tales from the Realms - Calling

... continued


   I was nearly awake and evaluating my dream-scape experiences when I heard what I could remember were sounds from the trees.

  To my conscious remembering, it sounded like soft sounds from bamboo tree when they sway and dance to the swing of the winds. - Similar but more staccato-like, in the way some dolphin sounds.

   So I tried to sleep quite a bit more to find whatever meaning there is, but time would not allow me this time.

  In that moment that I was hearing the sounds, I remember that plants have awareness and that they often try to communicate.

   Perhaps that conclusion was arrived at, months ago when I was enjoying this video earlier:

or this:

here are some comments somewhere on those videos:  

Plants never had to be taught / learn to make music, they ALWAYS made music!
It's just that Humans are so hubristic, closed, blind, in thinking they are the "Top Banana."
BTW, we ARE part of Nature, it's only that we've separated ourselves from the rest of Creation.

EarthaKit2 4 months ago

Every time i go into nature i hear this music in my heart. I have always thought i was making it up out of the peace that comes with being in nature but this... this just brings me to tears. It shows me that the music i feel is them singing to me, singing to each other, singing to us all. I might just have to make this my theme song

TheLightOfTheFuture 5 months ago 

Way-Kool! Unified field? We are all connected. Electrons/protons are alive. The earth has consciousness. The galaxy is also alive. Our arrogance/ego wants us to believe matter is dead and we can exploit it. Nice to see people having respect for life.

enkigilgamesh 4 months ago 

   Dreams are such a curious matter. When you are in them, you know they are real and you don't doubt. But upon rising up, your mind will try to translate them in 3D and frequently, they don't make sense.

   This 4D realm of dream can be very helpful in giving us clues to our challenges. Often we get answers to questions that has had deeper impressions to our souls during the day.

   I would suggest that "the soul is eternal, the soul is a tunnel".

   The soul maybe a local operating system of awareness that is connected to the universal awareness server.  So we have a portal right there in our hearts.

   Dare I say that plants and other creations of nature can have souls also. Humans who readily claim to have souls without going into scientific investigation, we may as well ascribe these expressions of nature as possessing their own sentience.   We may describe human awareness to be in the 3D or 4D realm and plants may have a 1D or 2D awareness.

   It is quite difficult to process the inter-dimensional sensation into words. And information from dreams are like trickles of rain, they are voluminous but you may have difficulty filling a bucket.

   Like the images from Mr. Mills, they touches on quite a spread of topics and it takes time to gather the bits into a linear narrative as it continue to drizzle intermittently.

   So after receiving some info, time would be necessitated to try to validate and research to make them coherent.   These stories of Mr. Mills may have implications to our reality.

   We may need to connect with nature and fast.  Just like a surfer who is not afraid of the waves and moves in sync with it to get a ride, earth changes are manifesting and we have the voice of earth for those who care to listen.

   Here is one girl sharing how to connect with mother earth and nature.

    A further explanation from her may be needed and here is one:

    Mr. Mills have given me info from his paradigm and some stories from his friend like the following:

 -  the origin of the moon
 -  how it has tilted
 -  how Tiamat and Maldek had a fatal encounter
 -  and how Mars and Earth were affected by that incident

   But for now, it may be more important first for humanity to hear and be in the flow with Mother Earth.  Just maybe human awakening and connectedness is what Gaia is waiting for.  When Earth's soul and the collective soul of man combine we can have GAIA - God Almighty In Action.


Atutaku manawa 

It's burning inside me 
A call from my heart 
Guiding my destiny 
So the journey can start

My Spirit touches me 
To comfort my fear 
A voice deep inside me 
I know I can hear

... to be continued

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