November 14, 2011

EC: Occupy Heaven

Using the previous visualization set-up, we can dream about the freedom of humankind.

Immerse in water and imagine.

Imagine no taxes and no borders. Imagine no slavery. Imagine dissolving the classes of haves and have nots. Imagine all are assured to survive. Imagine nothing to fear to express.

Imagine no secrets reserved for priests. Yes, imagine no priesthood nor religion.

Imagine no need for banks. Imagine no wars and war machines.

Imagine truth immersing all the land.

Imagine in the air we breath are floods of wonder, freedom and joy.

Imagine the melting and de-construction of all human shackles.

Imagine dissolving the borders unto all unknown realms.

Or as the song goes: "Imagine all the world". Imagine like a child.

- For those of us who can't shout with the voices of occupy, lets occupy the heavens with our visions.

So many things are hidden from plain sight. The 99% among us have punctured the canopy of the invisible realm over the physical realities - the bubble that shielded human senses on the other layers of realms. Divinity was held hostage in the physical for too long. Human beings have the slightest idea of who it really is because the 1% of the 1% cut-off humankind via the invisible empire.

It's difficult to enumerate all the verifiable links of how this layer that relates to mind was hijacked to create a dimensional heaven for the 1% of the 1% and the mimicry of divinity that ensnared man like moths into fire.

Suffice it to say that a virtual white light posing as authority in heaven was toppled in the wars in heaven and needs to be de-constructed even in the physical.

The child sacrifices and slavery that has been going on for so long is poised to be uncovered and dismantled. Psychic predation of humans from dimensional beings brought to light. Cut-off the energies with which these psychic vampires constructed their mansions.

Yes, we have not been told most of the horrors beneath human history because religions, mammon and governments were working thru their instrumentalities to play angels and demons all along:

The 1% was trading in the souls and was drinking from the blood of man for their sustenance.

We are on the edge of disclosure. We are on the edge of the moment.

This is subtopic in the Chapter III of the "Reboot" series which you can find here under the subtopic "Empowering the Collective".


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