October 14, 2011

EC: Immersive Healing

Water is said to be about 70% of both the human body and the planet earth itself.

Water holds memories and it can transfer healing to the human soul from mother earth and vice versa.

Water is a denser and fluid form of vibration. Perhaps it is the universal receptor of edicts coming from the deepest dimensions onto the physical existance.

However, if there be an edict "Let there be Life" carried by water, humanity must have remolded this edict via the collective violence and greed rubbed on our waters.

Water is a connector, an amplifier of planetary 'Schuman resonances' and global awareness.

It is time that humanity connect to mother earth and join in a collective healing process. The planet has been shackled for a long time and is getting ready to be free. We, the tenants should join in her intent and proclaim healing.

A human being is said to have several bodies. So far I heard we have physical, etheric, astral, mental and soul bodies. Perhaps it may be no different for mother earth. That's why reducing carbon for global healing could be so short sighted. Perhaps as short sighted as chopping off a leg where malignant tumor appears.

Here are other paradigms of healing the human cancers and they are connected with water.

South spinning:


Perhaps you can create a magnetic pad to serve as placeholder (underneath) for your water containers.

Let us not forget what's obvious, the bad physical qualities our civilization impart to our waters. All these chemicals resulting from flouridation, improper waste management, radiation etc. have created dead waters.

Our rains are acidic and our drinking water (yes, even our food) can't be far behind. And these acidity can engage oxygen and prevent it from healing our cells.

Acidity may even affect commercially available water.

For neutralizing acidity, baking soda will be good. In fact this guy cured his cancer by using baking soda and molasses (or maple syrup).

Ozonation has benefits because the extra oxygen will disinfect and kill harmful bacterias. I saw some diy water ozonation youtube videos but you may need technical assistance. Anyway, exercise and deep breathing is a natural way of imbibing oxygen with less cost.

For a diy water ionization, this guy have an idea:

Many say using silver terminals for water treatment is good because silver naturally fights bacteria.

Also, storing water in glass jar may be better than using plastic containers (many of which leaks BPA). Glass jars of water placed under the sun may also remove toxins.

So now,let's put this together. I say do whatever methods above you deem easy enough to affect water. Try them on plant or animals if you are being too cautious.

I think the above methods have capacity to reset the bad programs imbibed in water. And so you may then reprogram your water via your best intentions, prayers and songs/music. Now drink the programmed water and bathe in it. In fact, using your swimming pool or bath tub, immerse in water. You may even create a water immersion chamber equipped with music, proper lighting and fill it with healing waters and salts for (osmotic balance) better enjoyment.

As you immerse, breath deeply and mentally connect with the earth. Sense her desire for healing. You are water and the earth is water. Earth is a healer of your body because she is the provider of our physicality.

Let's connect to earth and co-create what is best for the planet and all living beings she hosts.

This is subtopic in the Chapter III of the "Reboot" series which you can find here under the subtopic "Empowering the Collective".


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