July 19, 2012

Tales from the Realms - Visiting the Shadows

There are some very good instrumentals which I like to savor. Music can sometimes transport one to places and times far beyond our realities.

So there I was, soaking in the bath tub with my headset. Listening to some instrumentals. I lost my self in that moment and forgot where I was.

Then I saw this guy poured what seem to me was some kind of salt. He was readying some kind of pod with water up a certain level. He turned some switches and knobs. The pod began to hum.

This was some kind of room, maybe an underground bunker. The skylight windows offered rays of natural lighting to an otherwise fairly dim tunnel. He put on some earplugs. Then the man put a gadget on his back and strapped it on. He slipped into the pod of water and closed the retractable cover. I can see his outline from the covers and he was floating, enjoying the waters. It was then that I remembered I was in a tub myself.

But before I got hold of myself, I saw this orb from that pod. I thought he spoked to me from that orb and asked me who I was. Strange, but we were communicating telepathically.

So, I told him who I am and only then I became aware that I was some kind of orb myself. Then he invited me to fly to an opening from the wall and so I found I could fly. As we went in the shrinking tunnel, an oncoming object bumped with us and found ourselves stucked to it. It then accelerated and off we go. Out of the fairly camouflaged earth house bunker, we flew and I saw two suns above.

We flew into a kind of portal in the sky and he brought me to where my dreaming body was and pretty much explored from above my house and through various vantage points around the world. I pretty much enjoyed the trip. And when he was about to bring me back again, I asked how I can go back to his hideaway and fly again.

He told me, he will fetch me and answer a whole lot of series of questions I was throwing at him.

So, I let off and watched this winged blimp disappear like a blur in the sky.

As I thought of going back, I found my awareness in mybody as I heard music played in my ears. I opened my eyes and I was left wondering what a strange experience it had been.

And so I was pondering for quite a lot about these and the many other things I heard from him since then. As requested, I am not giving his name and instead will call him Mr. Mills.

Itš not that easy to put in words all these things, so I'ļl try within these series a recounting of what I discovered.

.... to be continued

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