August 02, 2012

Tales from the Realms - Shadows of the Past

... continued

  So there was Mr. Mills, a man I would have thought to come from a twin planet of Earth. Heš a fugitive of sorts, a hermit.

  He explained to me that our reality is a parallel reality or timeline of his. I was thouroughly perplexed by so many information I obtained from him and pondered whether I must share this story.  Itš intriguing but maybe of much help, evaluating how much his world could share the same events as ours.

  I must confess, I never have yet joined him in his drone as I was not able to expand my awareness out of my physicality again after I accidentally met him.   However he has given me further information via dreamscapes and some instructions to be able to increase mastery of awareness.

  Since then heš a constant investigator of our reality as he said he found out he can explore this one with less encounters of dark energies.  He would not mention to me his findings from this one. Although he would project to my mind many images and situations from his own realms.

  From what I gathered, he obtained quite some riches by hacking into lotteries and a cohort of his was killed.   So he made himself disappeared while most of his gains were looted from him.

  He said he met a giant man who gave him the interdimensional drone. And that is a story in itself.

  Back to Mr. Mills, he begun to use the drone to investigate the cabal and his very own lineage: a stow-away boy on a luxury ship who was forced to make love to a drugged maiden in a room full of elites of that time.   - These were to be his immigrant ancestors in their pursuit of the American dream.

   It would certainly be a task to put this stories into account in this series. However, I feel I must disgress for a while due to grave concerns regarding the global changes in his timeline - the two suns, the politics, the polarity games and the dark substrata of their astral realms.

 ... to be continued

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