July 28, 2011

SS - Too Big to Fail

The pot for each table in the casino gets bigger every time. The wealth and blood money for each kingdom accumulates and gets too tempting for the super-egos to launch war and false flags operations just to steal the horde.

With esoteric impetus, gangs: good or bad, battle it out for the accumulated wealth of the world and the blood money of peoples starting from forgotten civilizations such as Lemuria/Havilah to today's loots such as the Middle Eastern nations.

In the process, schemes and social machineries were created to clash the civilizations and subvert the super-corporation of planet earth.

The SS I'm referring to is not the gang associated with Hitler and the Vatican. It is the Subverted Super-corporation of all life that is supposed to be tenants of planet earth.

Gangs, foundations, religions, governments, corporations etc. which are just subsets of the collective have merged, schemed and connived like syndicates because of the wealth of the world.

Some corporations gets too big as to own the whole Amazon forest, the sources of drinking water or the airwaves above the lands in perpetuity.

The resources which are intended by earth for the collective were cornered by subsets of the whole. And these gangs think they are too big too fail that they begin to intend to depopulate 90% of the planet so that their goal of control pushes through.

The real super-corporation is thereby subverted and with it, the expression of life is prevented. Perhaps that's why the common man has to buy the illusions and opium of religion that they sell afterall.

In the meantime, fools gold or the casino money was created by the cartels and played like "yoyo" to gather the golds and wealth of the world. At each return of the "yoyo", the jewelries are magnetized and gathered for a cyclic transfer of wealth.

From the time of Havilah to Solomon to Yamashita and every modern nations, gold horde had been fatal to be known for. Gold treasure is a magnet for human conflict. Gold is something one gets from the earth and tries to gather in bounty and thereafter bury in the earth again.

Bankers made an ingenious proposal to be the repository of gold and issue certificate to make it safer and convenient for gold owners to trade.

Banking has so far been quite a devilish tool to steal gold inheritances. Their printed money is an elaborate fools gold that have funded so many war mercenaries, erasing so many proof of gold ownership and the confiscation of all others' gold hordes like Hitler and Hirohito did.

Much of the gold horde of the aforementioned two men were eventually raided by Gen. McArthur. And now, the gold in Fort Knox (recently said to be tungsten dipped in gold) and those that were under the buildings destroyed by 911 are missing.

The raiders of the lost hordes seemed to have stashed the golds. And in the process of all these looting and counter-looting, syndicates tempted honorable men to sell their souls and conspire against the people they were supposed to serve.

Planet earth have not blossomed into an expression of life but a gangland, a system of hording and denial of life support, a game of monopoly via war, legalities and blackmail. Humanity have forgotten its oneness - the super-corporation was subverted.

... to be continued

This is an article in subtopic "Stairways to Heaven" in the Chapter III of the "Reboot" series which you can find here.

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