August 28, 2011

Empowering the Collective

I think, Empowering the Collective must be the direction of a proper administration of human societies.

The governments and social machineries of administration must serve as the trustee of which the permanent beneficiary and executor consist of any and all members thereof (simultaneously).

Therefore these social machineries and their tentacles must lend themselves open for collective molding or disbandment and not the other way around.

World domination and secret fraternal social subversion must be eliminated from the affairs of humanity so that the majority of members will not be constrained to an existence devoted to creation of personal parachutes.

Human existence must be redirected to the expression of the highest in man and towards endeavors of fathoming the wonders of the universe.

No subset of humanity, much less a single person, be allowed to have title to planet earth directly or indirectly. We are just tenants of the earth. If our affairs imperil the earth then she may just as easily expel us like parasites.

If there be an edict from the gods for a bloodline rule, then those gods are fallen gods that must be spurned. Otherwise humanity is indirectly agreeing to an imposition of slavery. And slavery is an imposition of a false god who hijacks credit for creation (even for the creations of the very slaves he falsely claims he is the creator of).

In this series, I will try to ideate designs and schemes for doing just that. Think about it, if the collective gets free from its emasculated status, then the survivability of the planet and lifeforms on it will have a much better chance.

The entitlement to the advances of the collective can be an insurance of happiness and freedom from pursuit of rainbows in the sky.

Humanity can be truly free to understand the purpose why its source self created the physical vessel of experience. Planet earth may just turn into a paradise.

This is subtopic in the Chapter III of the "Reboot" series which you can find here.

Freedom is not intended to refer to an election vote for the selection of the rulers.

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