July 09, 2011

Atlantis and Lemuria: Connecting some dots


Atlantis and Lemuria are ancient and seemingly mostly forgotten memories in the corners of human minds.

The site: http://www.lemuria.net/ provides a time line that covers the said legends:

Varying and conflicting stories are already forwarded and I'm adding a perspective that may be worthwhile to take into account.

When locating such sites, we have to consider the possibility that such civilizations may have risen parallel to the time of or near the proposed Pangea period- when landmasses were one or were just separating.

For example, with Atlantis, some believe it was located near the city of Cadiz because the so-called "Pillars of Hercules" mentioned by Plato refer to the peaks that flank the Strait of Gibraltar and mark the exit from the Mediterranean Sea to the Atlantic Ocean.

Others will consider the Archipelago of the Azores as being part of Atlantis and some more will consider the America as the more likely site.

When combined with Pangea, all their assumptions may in fact prove to be feasible. Atlantis could have been a fairly large island connected to both landmasses on either side of what was now the watery chasm called Atlantic Ocean. In fact, if it was colder then, the frozen waters could be traversed more easily.

If stories of Atlantis' high technology were true, they might have their counterpart of todays fracking or hydraulic fracturing.

Who knows what other elements are inside the earth? And some sectors of their population could have intentionally or unintentionally trigger some disasters with the overt reason of fetching these desired wealth underneath.

Was Atlantis an empire that became divided unto itself? Did their technology and politics trigger volcanism or other tectonic forces?

If Atlantis sinked into the Atlantic Ocean and some washed out portion remained, could it be possible that what was left, somewhere in the Bermuda triangle, was replanted into the Eden of Genesis 2?

Did Cain, Seth, their parents and other siblings eventually crossed the remaining land bridges towards the Mediterranean area before the tectonic plates eventually grew farther apart by Noah's time?

Perhaps, North America was mostly mountains of ice at the time of Eden. Perhaps, the Gulf of Mexico was a catch basin of the runoff from snowy mountains, a lagoon of semi-frozen water from where a river flowed out of Eden to water the garden and from thence was parted into four heads.

When they were expelled from Eden, they could not climb the snowy mountains towards North America and they were afraid of the dark Amazon jungles towards the South America, so they crossed the thawing land bridges to Africa as the fiery volcanoes were starting to show some lavas.


According to The legend of Lemuria and sunken Sundaland

"During the 1930s, James Churchward made the legends of Lemuria known to the public after he studied the extensive myths of peoples living from India in the West to Hawai'i in the East..."

"A less known, but similar legend from Asia is that of the sunken continent sometimes called Lemuria.

The Lemuria legend is interesting because geologists have confirmed that large sections of land mass formerly connected to Asia were indeed submerged thousands of years ago. The largest chunk of such submarine real estate is known as Sundaland,

Sundaland formerly connected mainland Southeast Asia with Indonesia. Nearly all the islands of Indonesia formed one great land mass extending to Palawan in the Philippines. By the time the Holocene period was over 8,000 years ago, Southeast Asia had lost well over half of its surface area. Island groups in the Philippines and Eastern Indonesia were also formed during this period."

By most accounts, the earlier human civilization mentioned is Lemuria. Although the time line above points to other eras even earlier, we may assume those as pre-human. In fact, the Lemurian human would most likely have been different than the humans today (and for that matter Atlanteans).

Also who can say that there is only one type of human in each era? Nymphs, fairies, elves and such beings are fairly common traditions from olden times. What if these beings were under a shifted dimensional physicality? In fact, we can assume they are etheric beings.

The real cradle of civilization must have been Mu, somewhere in the Pacific. It could have been the first Eden with Atlantis as the second and the biblical Eden, located at the remains of Atlantis, as the 3rd one.

Science tends to lean towards the existence of parallel universe as observed using quantum data. However, we now know more than ever, that we know so little. Previously, we were so dogmatic as to burn those that say the sun and planets do not revolve around the earth.

They say the early natives were worshipers of their dead ancestors, their religion was animism. What if they were just sensitive to these alternate or shifted dimension/s and just were giving them due respect?

Such were the tales of Maria Makiling or Maria Sinukuan, nymphs living along various mountains who occasionally were said to interact with humans and give precious minerals. No less than Dr. Jose Rizal had a story about Maria Makiling and I believe Dr. Rizal was nevertheless a devout Catholic.

Lemuria was said to be quite a large landmass. Physically, it is believed that Lemuria existed largely in the Southern Pacific, between North America and Asia/Australia. Lemuria is also sometimes referred to as Mu, or the Motherland.

What could have been it's demise? For such a large chunk to sink, that mass of matter would have created additional gravitational signs of which the Geoid surely exhibit.

The sinking of such a wide area could have pushed the tectonic plates of the Pacific Ocean and the friction would have created volcanism like that exhibited along the Ring of Fire. Such volcanoes erupting at a more frequent intervals would have created darkness upon the face of the earth for a long time (much more if the planet was covered under a canopy of clouds).

And if those hot magma melted the remains of some asteroid or mountains of rock, gold could have been created in good quantities. The land of Havilah, after the sinking of most part must have been richer in gold and other rare metals (btw, they said Pacific Ocean is rich in rare metals).

Paradise Broken

The history of humanity is replete with wars, natural calamities and man made disasters. What were within the control of man to create a paradise out of life, were in many cases turned into tragedies via mental delusions (by those who claimed to be the representatives of the collective humanity).

Who would have created such delusions and mind programs?

According to a website:

"...concept of ruling by "divine right" became inculcated on Earth. This concept of worshipping an elite has continued through to modern times.

Culture would rise against culture in wars claiming that the elite they themselves worshipped were superior to the elite of the opposing faction."

Somehow even the Genesis account of the fall of Adam and Eve were replete with religious undertones and mental delusions from forces non-human in origin and said to be adversaries of God.

Most of the great warriors and empire builders thought they were conquering with the guidance of some form of deity. It is easy to surmise that emperors would have delusions of grandeur, both earthly and heavenly. They had deluded super-ego, in order to justify looting and killing masses upon masses of humanity.

Even Constantine allegedly saw a vision of a cross in the sky that informed him that he would conquer under the sign of Christ. Would the character of Jesus undertaken such massive bloodshed himself, if he was physically present at that time?

It is easy to see that a mortal would worship what appears with a show of paranormal magic and tricks. In fact, it was written that the apostles tended to kneel upon seeing certain angels.

If David Copperfield went back in time, bringing with him some astronomical tools and other gadgetries, he would have at least a scripture devoted to him by now. He would have been written by now to have commanded the sun to shutdown (at an opportune solar eclipse).

And he, along with the many beings, upon theo-consolidation into a monotheism might dangerously be labeled as God. A one true God for whom people would have declared themselves priests and killed another man, to loot his gold for building the necessary golden shrine.

Sitchin attributed most of ancient human history to the Annunaki and if I may add, these beings could have been a coalition of many ancient races that roamed the universe. (Maybe they have an organization like NATO of today.)

Had natives been allowed living without elitism and valuing gold as money, power and wealth, what would be the impact?

I think, most wars and hording of wealth would have been prevented. I think, our cultural roots and collective memories would thereby have not been needlessly erased. I think we may have created non-usury money as some form of distribution of nourishment that mother earth provides.

I think our records of Atlantis and Lemuria, or all versions of Eden would have been preserved and our forebears treated with collective dignity. In fact, the earth could have been a paradise all these time.

... to be continued

This is an article in subtopic "Stairways to Heaven" in the Chapter III of the "Reboot" series which you can find here.

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