July 10, 2011

Pacquiao: Rare 24/7 Footage

We admire the ferocity and athleticism of Manny Pacquiao. He is in the process of etching for himself a stellar career in the annals of boxing.

But before Manny achieved his 8-Division 8-World Title record, all he had was a great heart.

He was as small as Floyd Mayweather was at a tender young age. They both went thru the 106 lb division.

Manny was an undernourished guy who was sustained mostly by rich dreams.

No xyloccaine, no steroids, just self programmed meme - an inward meme to be the best in the face of the situation at hand.

The Reconstructed Lost Footages

Here is the lost footage of Manny, way back and even before he saw Lehlo Ledwaba: Pacquiao's first slick black opponent boxer hailing from the urban jungles of Soweto, Africa.


As for A-Side-Meth or Agimat, I once tried to find out if I could get one from the banana trees in front of our old house. But I chickened out when at midnight, I heard weird noises while waiting in the dark for the stone to fall from the budding banana heart.

Perhaps another reference will aid those who have heart to battle the elementals guarding the talisman. So here is a quote:

"Agimat or bertud or anting-anting, is a Filipino word for amulet or charm. Although stereotyped as a cross, a flat, round or triangular golden pendant accompanying a necklace or a necklace-like item, it is also depicted as an enchanted stone that came from the sky or from the heart of a banana tree at midnight (mutya). In relation to the latter, it is usually ingested. It is usually accompanied by a small book of magic incantations which must be read during Good Friday or a certain special date to attain the amulet's full power and benefit. An agimat could also be in the form of a clothing with magic words inscribed on it, or even in the form of edible enchanted mud (in Tagalog, mud is putik)."

- More of it from this reference.

Oh well, I guess, I should have battered that banana tree earlier during the day to expel the elementals, just like Manny did above.

This is an article in a subtopic entitled- "Memes: The Manny Pacquiao Expose Series". The said article can be found in the Chapter III of my "Reboot" series which you can find here.


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