July 31, 2010

Free Business Idea for You

Once in a while, a kaleidoscope of ideas pass through our minds and we would like it to happen via our own hands or even via another person. I do have some of these ideas, which I would like any reader of this blog to know and possibly benefit from these ideas.

Here are some of my ideas, just for you. Please tell me your success on any of this.

1) Computer Writing and Touch Screen System:

Turn an optical mouse into a PC screen writing gadget. Optical mouse have a low resolution camera. By using a software that coordinates what's being shown on the screen and a modified optical mouse, it could be possible to draw on the screen or turn this combination into a touch screen application.

2) Electronic Appliance Plug-in and Play Configuration

Design plug and play appliances. Once in a while we disassemble such common appliances like an electric fan. The ability to disassemble and reassemble is a good thing for the consumers. By extending this design specifications to include the major components like the motor or the switch mechanism is a good enticement for buyers. This will also help diminish materials (mostly plastic components) that are dumped into land fills.

3) Oxygenated Fruit Drinks

We all have some cravings for soda. Aside from too much sugar contained therein, these drinks release carbon dioxide in our systems. Make a healthier alternative by oxygenating a sparkling drink. That way, a tired athlete or any drinker gasping for oxygen is helped along the way with added energy.

4) Tube Puncture Film

For the Chemists, infuse a punctured tire with a non-viscous fluid and then add a catalyst. The spinning action will then mix the two to create an elastic film to cover minimal puncture.

5) PC Piano Keyboard

Back in the days of Windows 3.1 I encountered several musical applications that can use the sound-card to reproduce piano and other musical instrument sounds and rhythm. I liked them but the problem was the PC keyboard or the onscreen keyboard were too cumbersome to use for playing the notes. With a usb PC Piano Keyboard, enjoying and discovering musical skills will be more fun.

Well, my friends, that's all for now. If you develop any of them, beep me up and I may give you other ideas. ciao

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