July 28, 2010

Utilities, Add-ins, References

There so many references and materials nowadays to help us in our PWORP (programming without really programming) endeavors and may support the series DB Accounting. The latter is not limited to accounting really, but it is a conceptualization of Distributed Data Collaboration. It is applicable to many more systems development on an "As-It-Happens" time-frame or just a measure to store data in acceptable formats complimenting mainframe implementation.

The utilities below are compatible with Windows/MS Office environment which is the typical set-up.

1.) Tools are available, right there, in the applications we used. Among them, are the many wizards which we rarely use. This is perhaps, because our actual business requirements have their own quirks or because such wizards have no long lasting re-usability. However, with Data Coordination and Collaboration among these applications, the relevant templates and wizards will be of great help.

a) Here are some worksheet templates available under MS Excel (it may differ according versions):

b) MS Word Templates

c) MS Access also contains many ready made solutions and database wizards.

d) There are many other templates here:
- MS Access templates
- Microsoft templates

2. ) In Addition, here are some other non-Microsoft utilities which you can download and integrate into your work-in-progress computerization:

a) Online csv viewer

b) CSVed (this can complement our DB Acctg sample of spreadsheet form using CSV Data Container)

c) J-Walk Enhanced Data Form Add-in

d) For Task management and reminders with little performance overhead, Skynergy's TaskPrompt may fit your requirements instead of MS Outlook

e)Application Managers and Organizers (can serve as an integrator switchboard for calling a Distributed Solution like in our DB Acctg Series)

- Stardock's Fences as seen below:

- Launchy as seen in this techmixer page
- AppManager from codeplex.com
- Folder view from tucows
- still others more

3. ) For reference, the following videos and links may help you find the channels or sites that will give you step by step solutions for your needs:

a) Using Excel 2003 and below Dialog-boxes:

b) Data Validation:

c) Using Sparklines (Dashboard purposes -Excel 2007/2010):

d) Advanced Dashboard samples

e) Creating a Macro:

f) VBA code samples and reference

g) Conventions for declarations using prefixes

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