August 16, 2010

Pacquiao will not fight Margarito nor Mayweather

Fold your tents. If you are still expecting for a dying sport to resuscitate itself, then you may be mistaken.

I have to burst your bubble. America is not what is used to be. It would be useless for Pacquiao to fight for dollar which is coming down and being replaced. And for that matter, it is useless to be in the combat sports or other sports for that matter.

It is better that we focus our energies into preparing for the coming changes in the world. And the changes will come, not without a struggle. 2010 will start the American nightmare. Their American dreams have been propped up, for so long by the suffering from other nations. The American dollar has been the major product of USA and now the curtain is drawing to a close for it.

America has created too many enemies for it's own good. Yes, Americans are just like other nations, who have basic desires and goodness. But the hand that rules America is a nation-less or stateless force. It will sacrifice America to save it's own skin.

The paper product, which is the American dollar, is losing it's luster. The Illuminati instrument of subduing the other nations, has come to an end.

So if you are still caught up with Pacquiao and Mayweather, or their would be opponents, think otherwise.

Bob Arum better ingratiate himself with other nation to which he can retire. And to you who like to term another human being as an illegal alien, think about the possibility of you crossing borders to the other side, when your government squeeze your neck.

Will they attack Iran?

Are you still going to stick with the FED con?

Will gold be your answer?

Or better, plant and prepare your own basic supplies for the storm.

View this insider report for more.


Addendum/ Update 2011, March 5:

I was ahead and off by quite a few months on above earlier post and hesitation about Pacquiao - Marg fight. That might have been be more meaningful/timely for Pac's fight this 2011.

Here is one recent perspective of why there's more to consider than a boxing match:

.. prepare for reboot

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