July 19, 2010

What now for Pacquiao

With Mayweather pretending that no, nothing was ever forwarded to him by word or call or paper regarding a fight with Pacquiao, it's now time to move on. Maybe Arum was avoiding a piss fight with the Mayweathers and he coursed all signals through HBO. Maybe HBO's Ross Greenburg have too many movies and shows to attend to and slept on it all these time. All we know is that these non-event is now a history. Unless, the parties involved, got back from amnesia, there is nothing else to do but go to other endeavors.

With the Pacman already a historic name, not only because of the game, but also the pinoy pugilist, the man is now imbued with more responsibilities as a global symbol from the islands. And so with his new job as congressman and stature in the sport, here is what I contemplate as an unsolicited advice.

1) One More Fight

- I think the people who are supporting and benefiting from Pacquiao's fight are egging him to fight (other non-chickens - pardon the pun, ' can't help it). American boxing may need some ironing out. Sadly many Americans consider boxing dear to their hearts, but when a fight that the sport requires can't be made with the existing rules and institutions, then boxing may need to go to alternative stage.

For me, Pacman may opt to concentrate in his duties as a congressman. But I think he has already committed to a fight date with or without Lil Floyd. So fight, he may, but who and where?

I join others who have misgivings about a fight with Margarito. Marg must have his day in the court of his peers and the authorities of the sport. As Pac's fights tend to be a historic event, Marg might get better reward than Cotto and that would be a shame. So for Pac, I am thinking about other names - even other than Cotto! Yes, Cotto has a new title but I think, how about Sergio Martinez?

Latest Tale of the Tape for Sergio Martinez:
Ht. 5'11"
Wt. 159
Age 34
Reach: 76"
Style: Slickster\Mover
Best Punch: Straight Left

Many Americans who want Pacman to lose (for some ignominious reasons) would recommend Paul Williams with his 82 inch reach and a towering height of 6'2". Martinez is the current WBC and The Ring World Middleweight Champion, beating Paul Williams.

The height and reach advantage is not that far. And fighting in a catch weight, an exhibition (even without title on the line) will be easy to sell. If Pacman wins, he can be an unofficial 8th world - 8 divisions People's Champ. Well going for 8th is too much for any one starting at flyweight, so a friendly but competitive match even for a 10 rounder will be in for global anticipation, held at a new global arena.

What would be the venue? Well, I'm done with the Nevada monopoly of big events and even with HBO (trying to pamper Floyd - to the disadvantage of other fighters). Cowboy Stadium, Abu Dhabi, Argentina, heck even the Philippines! That last thought should catch the new Philippine government - that would be a coup PR job!

2) Congressional duties

I would suggest that Pacquiao must utilize his goodwill to create endeavors that transcends his congressional duties. I suggest that he give to the people more than is required to get elected. For example, I suggest that since he is willing to dip into his pocket, he should create new system of program implementation. Let's say, he will be establishing a new medical facility. I suggest that he involved the whole community in a "Bayanihan" like project of putting that up. Let's say his district has a feeding program, I suggest, Manny gets to pay local people who brings in local produce which will be prepared by local people - they get fed, they got to have some pocket money and they gotta get busy producing food!

Also, I suggest, Manny have some tour around other countries were poverty is endemic. A Filipino entrepreneur has created folding house. This will be a good way to bring along, to even in the many American homeless victims of bank manipulations. That will provide some employment to Filipinos (not to mention, goodwill) and relief to the country visited. Plus, with this, perhaps he might not need to go to court to get his name cleared after all. He can use a little empathy from the otherwise jealous guys!

3.) Other sports

Even as a congressman, Manny can delve in other sports. He could even be a good ambassador of other less known event. How about Philippine baseball or football? To be his team mate will be a big honor to a budding player (even if Manny would play sparingly). Yes, he is an advocate darts or biliards. I think any such event will be well attended it Manny gets to play in doubles.

Lastly, because of his stamina, I suggest Manny participate occasionally in marathon. The New York marathon will be a good way to show his physical capability. This is an event where it is advisable to be runner.

Who knows, the Americans may egg Floyd to run too for the sake of their non-event!

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