March 16, 2013

Tales from the Realms - Terra Alchimia


   So, I was challenged by Mr. Mills.  Because he was busy rebuilding, he asked me to try to clear my mind of thoughts and focus on some targets for investigation.  He said, he has good enough control of his astral body and he was surmising I may have better receptiveness using my mental body.

    About the finer layers of human body, I must admit that I'm not one good enough to explain it.   So, I searched a picture for this blog and found one for us to have a better idea.

   The picture on the left can be found here.  Do consult them or the many other sites available if you would want to delve deeper.

   As for me, I would surmise that these finer dimensional bodies have other senses and their own language, so that within man, there could be several interface going on.  Picture a computer and notice that there are different layers of programs ongoing while you are processing a task with it.

   Sometimes, the BIOS language is called upon, sometimes the html components, at times the assembly language and many others, depending on the function/ application called, all the while seamless in their working.

   So I tried for several weeks to clear my mind and explore some perspectives about gold on earth.  Let me repeat, I wouldn't know about whether it was my mental body, my dreams or my brains which generated this story.   And who knows whether I tapped into the parallel time-line of Mr. Mills or some other one.

   One thing I observe however, is that the astral and the mental bodies can modify or bend time-space.  I will elaborate later on that, but for the meantime here is the perspective I obtained about earth's alchemical process.

   The impressions presented itself in nonconsecutive manner and over a period of time from various experiences.  Consequently, it is without a doubt, subjected to conscious intellectual interpretations and lots of deliberate efforts to connect the scattered dots:

    Images of crystals crossed my mind and then when the perspective was shifted, it became apparent that these were intentionally grown way deep under the mantle of the earth.

   Above the ground and within the vaporous atmosphere, a vast land on the pacific could be observed.

   The inhabitants have earth-dome type houses and I could have sensed that many of these go down into the earth.   The forests are lush and the structures are barely visible from atop the green covers except for giant pyramids and the berths.

   The Eden-like topography is inhabited by both small and giant animals, all kinds of tropical and exotic plants with most of the giant humanoids living underneath the ground where the homes have tunnels toward the facilities within the caverns.  Occasionally these people would go near the harbor and share the bounties of nature in some kind of regular festivities and interaction from sea faring visitors from somewhere else.    Some giant humanoids have green tinged skin, some yellow, reddish and indigo.

   Way down the crust of the earth, near the four cultures of crystal, are pockets and veins of magma that activate and melt over various cosmic seasons which affected both the sun and the planets.  It feels like these caves for crystal culture were a joint effort of Lemurians who were in contact with Elohim guides.

   These crystals store and emit certain frequencies that interact with the melting and solidification of magma.  At various stages of these long drawn processes, elements are gassified and liquefied forming layers of coalesced strata of varying densities and weights.

   In some deeper layers, golden ores and nuggets form.  And some would be ejected by the eruption of pressurized caverns, eventually flowing with the grinding cascade of rivers and lakes accumulated with the fall of rains on cratered mountains of solidified lava.  The giant humanoids ably assisted by many smaller java type humanoids would then redirect these rivers in their facilities within the crust of the earth.  The Lemurians were rich in gold and various metal ores underneath and they were equally abundant with the natural bounties on the tropical surface of their lands.

   Could these be the lands of Havilah?  I get the sense that it is the upper mantle/crust of Havilah.  Perhaps the original Eden is inside the hollow earth and this Eden on the surface might geographically correlate to the former.

   Connecting this impressions with Mr. Mills investigation, one can surmised the following:

- that Enki worked with the Lemurians (who were of Sirians and Pleiadean breed) on the land now submerged somewhere in the Pacific ocean.

- they used some caverns within the mantle to culture crystals imbued with frequencies to induce alchemical processes

- the four crystal caverns are located along the Pacific ring of fire where giant pockets of lava are interconnected with magma veins circling the land of Lemuria

- Enki must have created this as a secret because it would seem the draconian reptiles were concentrating on the areas of Mesopotamia for their gold operations

- according to the earlier tales of Mr. Mills, Enki was working with the Lemurians on some genetic projects.  So, this alchemical process could have been his way to engage his genetic interests while at the same time having a ready store of gold when required by Anu

- the later science of alchemy must have been a mirror and minor scale operation of this Terra Alchimia.  Hermes or Thoth or St. Germaine used the human body as replica of earth for the procedure.  Whoever among the aforementioned names or some other else who started alchemy from urine and other base metals must have been guided by knowledge obtained from Enki.

- alchemy is like a refinement and transmutation of elements that involve imbuing of higher vibrations, prayers or magic visualization onto the materials which are subjected to countless passing over fire, evaporation, precipitation, solidification etc.

   Philosophically speaking, the birth, death and reincarnation of humanity under the cavern of the matrix of duality can be likened into alchemy.

   We can come to the realization that humanity has subjected itself to alchemy over thousands of years of countless lifetimes and reincarnations.  As a result we may find the inner and finer gold within any unassuming man everywhere who you would not suspect to be a guru or a wise reincarnated soul.

Perhaps like this one:

Or this:

   Each one when given the opportunity to shed the separation with existence and the dross of illusion, will shine with a golden light as if the cosmic light reflects in nuggets and ores flamed, solidified and melted again and again, forged over years of soul experience.

   If these realizations are true, we could be in our cosmic moment of apocalypse, we are the generation living the times of unveiling, a revelation planned since eons.

... to be continued



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