March 13, 2013

Gaiscapes - Molding the Physical

... continued

   Humanity has many untapped abilities and powers.  In fact we can say man is a multidimensional being having a physically focused consciousness.

   Because we are programmed within the matrix of separation and competition, we tend to create and manifest things that are not beneficial to our own being.  At every turn, those with selfish motives are bombarding us with suggestions that tend to move us away from the realization of our own powers.  When we watch movies, news and entertainments that are replete with fear, guilt, greed, hatred, violence and death, a self hypnosis for creating destruction could take over. 

   Then the corporations which are entrenched in military production, syndicates, religious institutions and other organizations will take over the powers that we fail to exercise.  And to give them powers is to let them direct our efforts into creating outcomes that would give these corporate mechanisms more profit and control over our lives.

   We must therefor understand that we are not just physical bodies.  In fact, a human is said to have finer bodies such as the following:
- astral body  (it is said that during sleep we project our awareness using the astral body out of the physical body: OOBE)
- emotional body (this could be what generates the aura)
- mental body (when the physical brain is silenced, the mental body could be the one that remote viewing is able to surf the mental imprints of the environment)
- others which we seldom heard of,  like the energy body, light body etc.
- and finally the soul, being who you are

   Isn't it any wonder that many aver all humans have sixth sense? Perhaps, we could have more than six senses all along.  Each body mentioned above may have their own set of senses, language and memory storage.

   As I reckon, understanding other dimensions and octaves of realities via the point of view limited to 3D perspective would not be too effective.  Therefor, instead of us being manipulated by secret powers using rituals, subliminal ads etc., it is about time we explore our inner-selves and summon our own manifestation of Edenic earth that works for all of us and not just a certain segment of the society.

   There could be many ways to achieve conscious molding of the physical realities, just like there are many ways to shoot the basketball free throw with accuracy.  There are some standard advice for the latter but people are unique and may have additional preferences such as self talk, breathing, posture, a particular grasp of the basketball etc.  Also, in real life, the goals are not in standard size, height, position etc.

   Here is one guy's self magic to manifest his desire - the materializer box.

   And here are what some common people have to share.  Their noteworthy advices could work for many of us:

   Simply, I tend to think that it is a good practice to throw your desires to the universe just before you sleep and immediately after waking up in the morning.   One could do this for seven successive nights and days for a particular set of goals.

   I have interspersed in the above playlist some videos on how to raise one's vibrations.  It is only logical to believe that when one is coming from a lower mental attitude or perspective, the lower layer of existence will be the ones to use the visual energy one releases.  Lower beings holding space in the lower dimensions might hijack these dream energies.  Also, there is some increase of effectiveness and clarity if one is coming from the highest vibration that can be mustered because your call to the universe would traverse more octaves.

   When one is watching violence all through the day, he will tend to go to sleep and create dreams that are of lower qualities like destructions and conflicts.

   With higher intentions, sent out to the universe in clarity and serenity, the energy of one's visualization is not diluted.   The combined energy repetitiously released by the mental and emotional bodies will transfer its vibration into higher levels.  The universe being a big synergistic exchange, this superimposed visualizations will be available for use by those Higher Forces.  And they will bring around this energy for return to you, the sender, bearing gifts of wonder and beauty.

   Certainly, appreciation and gratitude on human side is rewarded both from the inner raising of vibration and the effectiveness of the visual energy.  This process can transform the dross of the inner man into gold just like alchemy.

   Magic makes use of repetition, clarity and intensity.   Alchemy makes use of persistent transmutative intentions and actions on your rituals.   Treat the universe with respect and love, forgive self and reconcile with the whole to banish and exorcise projections related to strife, sin, error, disease and hatred in the world.  You must create a sense of worthiness to have your prayer answered.

   The universe has a balancing mechanism.  When we upped the manifestation of positive, there could be an increase of negative (somewhere, if not, to the one manifesting).  For every visualization to benefit self, we should also use our creative abilities to manifest positive towards the whole society so that the counterbalancing force will be withdrawn from the hoarded abundance locked up in the system.  And we should also allot time to manifest the transcension of duality into oneness.

   For a detailed routine, I am recalling experiences as a child which turned out with much success.   You may try each detail or modify to find what is conducive for you:

   For the next seven days, visualize a goal desired for oneself and for the common man/ the world.

   Cultivate a sense of peace.  Each night with eyes closed try certain breathing patterns that is out of ordinary to reset your brain - like holding in-breath for 3 sec and holding the out-breath for the same.   Do this in 7 consecutive steps.

   Then relax the body senses and make a review of what happened during the day.  Clear/delete/forgive what needs to be dispensed with and enjoy what is beautiful.

   If a dark barrier is encountered while doing the clearing, poke a hole where light from beyond connects to your heart.

   After that, begin to create the script of your object/goal, how it will play out. Choose a script related to positive personal desire and another that is most beneficial to common people.  Imbue feelings toward the scenes as the script is played out.

   Then throw that to the universe and rest, satisfied that you have communicated your piece to the universe.

   The following morning, wake up with gratitude for having the chance to express and for receiving whatever portions of reply is forthcoming or already received during the night and the previous days.

... to be continued

addendum - ship powered by mental body:


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