March 02, 2013

Gaiascapes - The Pyre

... continued

   There was a young planet where some lifeforms arose.  Over time, a human like race of beings evolved and began to multiply.

   Fearful of some big animals, they chose to live in a safe haven, a tropical mountain dotted with caves that provided them insulation from weather disturbances and safety from big predatory animals.  And the steep mountain have various cave-like tunnels where they could go up and down for gathering foods.

   One day the alpha male was left behind as the others went to gather food.  Then a lightning struck that felled a tree near their open food storage catching it on fire.

   The other humanoids heard the thunder and came back to see the fire and to admire its light.  The alpha male forbid them to come near the fire pointing out the dangers involved.  He said that the spirit of the ancestors came unto him and have chosen him to be the keeper of the fire.

  And as they wondered with amazement, he gave them the cooked food to eat.

   And the people partook of the food and exulted in the sweet savor and taste thereof.   And when they were filled, they praised the leader who they agreed among themselves to be the chosen intermediary of the spirits to help their tribe.  And the leader told of the command that a temple be built for the spirits, for there in the holy of holiest, the instructions of their ancestors, he would hear.

   And so, the alpha male became the chief priest and a command was issued that henceforth he would manage the food storage and that the people would submit their food offerings to their temple.  There he would gather pieces of wood from the people as an offer for a sweet aroma to the ancestors.  And the food he would pass over the fire for the spirits to bless.

   And so, the people exulted in agreement.  And lo and behold, the evening came and the fire provided them light and comfort.

   So from then on, the people went to work with joy and they built a temple for the priest.  And days past and they built a big temple and the priest became the fire-keeper and the voice of the spirits of their ancestors unto them.

   And the priest kept the flame on the center of the temple and he had lower priests to help and maintain the temple and to forbid the people from directly handling the sacred flame.  And the priests created enforcers to see to it that the people obey the command of the spirits of the ancestors and that they do not eat raw food.

   And the people offered dried woods and all manner of food.  And the chief priest created various recipes to feed the minions and the people.

   And the people would offer a sack of food and they would get some portions of the food that they offered after the same was consecrated in the temple.

   And so the priesthood flourished and the people carried the burden of their slavery in ignorance.

   One day, a child was playing with rocks near the dried fallen leaves and twigs.  And the girl bumped one stone into another and she threw some over the big boulder nearby. And as she threw one kind of stone, the boulder sparked, the stone was chipped and from there came up some smoke.

   And the girl was surprised and filled with the excitement of what she saw.  And she run to her mother thereupon she went with her in haste and she was shown the burnt portion of the boulder.  And the mother asked her to do it again but no spark arose therefrom.

   So the child picked up the flint stones and bumped them to each other and lo, a spark rose.  And she dropped them in surprise and the dried leaves caught fire.

   And word spread to the people and some became fearful because they have sinned against the spirits and the priesthood.  And the enforcers came to hear murmurs and little stories thereof.  And they investigated the boulder and the burnt twigs.

   And they returned to the temple to give an account to the chief of the pyre priesthood.  And the word of the spirits was announced to the people that they are forbidden to go near the cursed boulder again.

   And the enforcers vexed the people and tighten their burden in order to ferret out who it was who brought such evil into their midst.

   But the mother of the child was wise and she learned that certain kinds of stone did produce the fire of the spirits.

   And when finally, the enforces and the bankers of their food came unto her abode, she had a ready set of stone stuck within the crevice of the cave they stayed.

   And when the arresting officers tried to apprehend her, the people came to see and witness how they would mete her punishment.

   And she had some friends of her, ready to witness and testify for her behalf. And she claimed to the enforcers that the spirits could indeed speak to all people and that it would be proof that the spirits are not cursing them.

   And when they questioned her in-front of the people, she pointed out that to find the blessing and the voice of the spirits, they could go near the crevice of the cave.  And the temple minions tried to hear and they would not hear the voices of the spirits.

   And she told the other people there to remove the stones stuck in the crevice and the enforcers agreed in order to incriminate her.  And her friends tried to remove the stones with effort and bumped the stones one to another and a spark rose and lit the twigs hidden behind the stones.

  And the minions of pyre priesthood did not know what to do because they were forbidden to handle fire save that of the temple given by the high priest.

   And the people was divided amongst themselves and some cursed her, while some understood that they could then cook their own food and have the labors of their hands all to their own families.

   And the minions agreed to postpone her sentence for another time, for they knew not what to do of her and of the multitude who thronged to witness the proceedings.

   And after they left, some of the people besought her the secret of the fire and some had the courage to try.  And some of those who tried cooked the food they gathered but some of those who cooked knew not how to mix the right kind of food so that they were dismayed.

   However some had certain success and were more thoughtful about how to go about cooking certain combination to the delight of their hearts...

 ...  The outcome and continuation of the story is for the readers to do away with.

... to be continued

   May humanity find the right path and inner voice that abides within to create a new world!

.ciao and enjoy


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