January 26, 2013

Tales from the Realms - Encounter with Reptilians

" The latest news from Mr. Mills is that the reptilian bases on earth and the moon were already cleaned up and the major heads of their reality's cabal on the planet were already transported some place else.  Their clones however were left in their stead."

"...Only shadows ahead barely clearing the roof... liberation and release."

... continued

   As earlier mentioned, my friend Mr. Mills had some astral injuries which developed, him following some shadow beings to extra planetary locations.

   It may need a recounting of some details and explanations.

   But first, let us step back a couple of posts, where it was mentioned that he investigated his own lineage.   Let me quote again what he found about how his ancestors arrived in the America:
"a stow-away boy on a luxury ship who was forced to make love to a drugged maiden in a room full of elites of that time.   - These were to be his immigrant ancestors in their pursuit of the American dream."

   Mr. Mills was a fugitive and a hermit. He nearly starved to death on a secluded island where he escaped. He lost his material wealth and the communication with his relations.

   He might have gained more than he could ever had from the trajectory of his past.  From a Maldekan he met, he gained back his health via intensive detoxification and he was taught certain disciplines which opened up for him the realms beyond the physical.

   He was not so adept with astral projection.  So to fast forward his dimensional explorations, the Maldekan equipped him with a dimensionally stepped down 5D insect drone.

   Mr. Mills went back in time to see his parents, who were servants of some media moguls and from there skipped time to trace further back to earlier Miller surname.

   Her grand mother was from a poor immigrant Latino family .  She was devoted to her religion so that when a nun invited the lasses there to join, she was easily persuaded.  Though her parents denied her permission, she nevertheless went secretly to pursue the future she sought.

   Eventually after spending some time with the nuns, she, together with others boarded SS Olympic with another 'religious order' for certain missionary work abroad.

   Mr. Mills went back to find out how a young man hiding in the cargo area of SS Olympic saw the young lass.

   As the young man ventured to admire the wealthy accommodations,  he overheard two men arguing.  When the fight was about to break, the young man stepped in to pacify the clerics.  That was when, his eyes saw the lass.  And that was when he was found out to be a stow-away by officers of the ship.

   Later, Mr. Mills saw the beaten young man placed naked on a dimly lit stage with an apparently drugged and scantily clad maiden.

   Mr. Mills was shocked with the scene.  The air was dark.  And behind the intense attention of the audience in the room, Mr. Mills began to glimpse shadow figures moving from among them.  He adjusted his vision and noticed various shadow beings not only within the room but amassing on-board and around.

   Mr. Mills skipped in time again to find a chaotic evacuation of a sinking ship.   He witnessed the commotion and some gory images of shooting, panic reactions, dead, wounded and shadow people feasting on them.

   He tried to follow a movement of shadows underwater.  All the way to the teleport of body parts to cloaked underwater vehicles and on to the underground bases.   There, he saw some reptilian humanoids turning off micro-gadgets, that he surmised as invisibility packs or density attenuation devices.

   He skipped again, to search the young man and the maiden.  Several times, he did, to later found the two rescued.  The young man donned a clerical garb, which must have belong to one of the arguing men he tried to break up.

... to be continued

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