January 25, 2013

Gaiascapes - Apocalypse of Corps and Zombies

... continued

   According to fiction of law, corporations are persons.  They like to call these corps: "juridical persons".  That is, they, acting as a jury, have imbued these institutions privileges and rights that is afforded a person like you.  Thus equal protection clause is bypassed.

   In actuality the corps became a vital cog in a pyramid hierarchy of control.  And this mental construct was imbued with benefits that is even more than what a real natural person said to be a manifestation of Source (or as religionists will say, "image of God").

   For instance, can a corp go to prison or be consigned to a mental institution?  As they say, business is business.  And more often than not, corporations and other zombie institutions, could get away with so many psychopathic crimes secretly pushed by the protected faces behind them.  Many even gets bailed out by amounts thoroughly larger than the social welfare.

   In actuality, the governments are child corporations of other corporations and the minions from governments gets employed in multinational corporations and vice versa.

    - human animal hybrid
    - AgainstCronyCapitalism
    - Bloodlines
    - Stories Ignored
    - media control
    - Michael Jackson
    - Pedophile ring
    - Pedophile Enabler
    - Shooter
    - protecting pedophile
    - Assassination
    - Royalty

   The corps and zombie institutions (with their minions of zombified real people) can multiply and have immortal lives, as long as it cough the fees and submit paper formalities.  Even when it dies, it can reincarnate under a new identity retaining the tools it has on its previous lives.

   By design, its main goals are money and power.  And imbued with the economies of scale, provided by the labor and servitude of barely existing real people, the corps and zombies try to dominate the souls of nations.

   This is why, I like the One People's Public Trust.  Although this is new to me, I see it is goaded by Gaia, herself, even for the benefit of her children.  Gaia and humanity itself deserve a new paradigm.

   Just like how nauseous I feel with the current dominant PC Operating System, our current dog-eat-dog social set-up is so passé.   And continuance of the pyramidal matrix of the corps and zombies could result even unto the blowing up of Gaia (like Maldek becoming the asteroid belt).

   There are ways to put our collective effort to heal the wounds of Gaia and humanity itself.  Let us explore new paradigms and study what is best for all.  The magic is within the hearts of true human beings, where the falsified gods melt away.

   Power to the people!

... to be continued


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