June 16, 2011

Return to Innocence

There, Beyond

There, beyond the clouds of perception,
Above the interplay of hues of the horizon
And the nostalgic shadows of the ever-changing weather;
Past the windswept dew and the smoke of cluttered beliefs;
There, above the filtered rays of understanding
Must be the expanse of purer light;
Spectra both seen and unseen
Of waves of wisdom in their own play.

There, beyond the octave of the present science,
Are myriad wonders that eventually give way
To a majestic orchestra of balance,
Of symphonic harmony
In the oneness of the sacred;
An ever expansion of greatness
And the organization of the minute.

Here below and beneath, I am prompted,
Even in emptiness is the force of intent
That beckons one to ponder;
There, beyond the clouds of appreciation.

In the laughter of the children, comes the expression of so many a miracle. The wonders that cultured minds forgot are triggered back by the nuances of the youth.

"Give them a sense of pride to make it easier. Let the children's laughter remind us how we used to be" - so the song says.

And so in the dilemma of the grown-ups and the politics of destruction around, we wonder how these innocents can hold on to their true selves.

What have we done so far and how do we rebuild the planet so that these young ones can choose life instead of the drudgery of greed, politics and wars?

When will we stop making laws to hack and let live for a chance? When will we start to save what's left of us?

The bishops in their palaces and the preachers in their nice cars seem to be as dead as stone temples. And the governors get their immortality from streets named after them.

Little child, hold on to what's immortal within you and show the fallen ones to their repentance. Remove the clutter of our minds by your songs, just how the dolphins chant their healing prayers for the earth.

I remember playing as a child. My lumpy hands enjoying the fine sands passing through the fingertips. I remember the black puppy playing with us.

He came from somewhere but I did not saw. Perhaps I didn't care enough about such things.

Just enjoying the moments inside the place. He came and we talk but for a little and played and watched what's being constructed. We climbed the metal railings being chased by the puppy. Sometimes my brother would join.

Several days, maybe, I did not know. Time was not a clear concept then. Even if it were noons or morns, it might not make much difference. It's just that everything is a playful wonder.

My vision seemed cloudy, yet I saw more than ever and the only inkling of time is when he went home at the dusks. And so, I remember I was always looking at the direction he would always leave.

Perhaps, he will return to play tag with me and the dog again. I was searching for the kid with curly golden hair till I was, maybe six.

I knew, he somehow hugged me one last time and promised he would see me again. I might never have thought to ask what his name was.

So, I talked to the carpenters around and asked if the child comes again. And they wondered what I was talking of. They would say, I never was playing with anyone other than the puppy and my brother.

Much as I try to recall, I can't remember his name. Now perhaps,I may just have to call him Al.

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