June 02, 2011

Manny Pacquiao: How About The Tests

There is a level of dominance by which it may belong only to the dominant player to turn it off if he ever got bored. Otherwise, the dominant player will just use the usual repelling force of his opponents as a tool in the game the dominant player seems to be weaving into a script.

To the observer of the ongoing game, it may appear as miraculous. Those with "popping a pill" mentality will reason out that the dominant player may be on some kind of dope.

This is the level of dominance that a Michael Jordan could easily muster in the midst of conventional abilities of the players he was playing with. This is a kind of dominance where he would say he saw the ring's diameter to be so big that it was difficult to miss a shot. And he would easily understand the movements and direction of the herd within his virtual eyes, that he could play around with it steps before it actually happens.

Maybe such was also the case with Efren "Bata" Reyes when he was still excited with the game.

Maybe such is the kind of virtual seeing that so many other dominant game players had. And maybe Manny Pacquiao is just one such guy on the face of the available competitions and in the level he is playing. And maybe such is the same level of dominance Floyd Mayweather also have.

How do you beat these dominant players?

Because these dominant players virtually see the movements of their opponents even before the game starts, you need something special to beat them. You need to muddle their virtual script or befuddle them with movements that they could not have envision you doing within their mental script of the game.

Yes, many times the games are played even before the games are played. And I would agree that there should be some protocols of the games played before the games.

Professional sports is a playing field involving large sums of money. And many times, especially in boxing, behind the boxers, the financial interests may glue the hordes of unseen faces to rig the game.

For example, it was hushed that the death of one of Michael Jordan's relative is connected with some syndicates that tried to force Michael to lose a championship conference.

After that death, MJ retired at the prime of his career and tried to turn to baseball. With that, basketball momentarily lost it's luster as to peril the whole sports.

Such is also the same in life and business. Frequently, the games are rigged behind the eyes of the common man. Many times, the life force of the masses, their blood is sucked by vampire syndicates in order to maintain their structures of manipulation for control.

What's in the blood?

The subject of blood is such a grave matter that even kingdoms, religion and their stories of deities, are enmeshed with the topic of blood.

Bloodlines are said to be maintained because it was ordained of their lineage to rule mankind. Dynasties are frequently maintained to make the people believe such groups are to be on the top of the pyramid (which these dynasties have built after all).

So what's in the blood and why do we have these hushed stories of dark forces needing blood sacrifices (not to mention the blood represented rituals by esoteric/religious groups)?

I heard that some dark societies actually torture their innocent human sacrificial lambs and drink the spilled blood for their own quest for immortality. Yes, there are dark and horrid esoteric groups out there.

When a country sacrifices the lives of innocent men for a contrived war, isn't it a form of blood sacrifice (right before our very eyes)? At least, may be, it's a sacrifice for their war industry or even deeper, a blood sacrifice for their esoteric idols who provide them with mammon and power over many nations.

Blood Tests and The Psyche

On March 19, 2005, Pacquiao moved up in super featherweight or junior lightweight division (130 pounds), in order to fight Mexican legend √Črik Morales for vacant WBC International and IBA Super Featherweight Titles.

2 Days before the fight, doctors told team Pacquiao that they've lost the blood earlier taken from Pacquiao. Pacquiao, the smaller fighter at that time was required to give blood so near their event. Morales who was in the stable of Bob Arum (together with Mayweather), outpointed Pacquiao who suffered a bloody cut on one of his eyes.

Pacquiao was relatively raw. Morales was a seasoned technician, fighting a smaller man coming up in weight and have just given blood a couple of days earlier. Pacquiao who was relying on his one handed assault, armed with so called "pillow gloves" (winning gloves) and not seeing from one eye, needed every adrenalin in his blood to be an effective attacker against Morales (a Mayweather prospect.)

Among the 130 pounders, it was Morales who eventually would have been good and tall enough to make a go with Mayweather who was a Jr. welter at that time. Floyd must have known the advantages Morales had over Pacquiao.

Floyd, who at that time have some misgivings with Arum must have secretly rooted for the little man, Pacquiao. In fact, Floyd was cheering Pacquiao when the Pacman KOed Morales in the 2nd fight on January 21, 2006. Eventually, Mayweather parted ways with Top Rank after a successful pay-per-view bout with Zab Judah on April 8, 2006.

I would say that to the eastern cultures, which appear to have deeper observation of life, blood has some psychological and spiritual significance that may not be familiar with the materialistic western upbringing.

For some Filipinos, even taking a bath on Holy Friday is said to negate the charges of their talisman or amulet or agimat (what Roger Mayweather might have called A-side-meth).

Even Efren Reyes was said to avoid taking a bath on his western finals billiard competitions as the cold weather there may jog his psyche (and dare I say 'chi'). More so, I think, if they would have required him to undergo a random blood test at those times.

In the scientific point of view, it's in the blood that circulate the chemical known as dopamine. Dopamine is naturally transmuted by the body from nutrients and is associated with happiness/excitement and such other emotions (that are generated by sporting events).

For that matter, it may have been beneficial to Pacquiao to sing, eat sufficiently and be happy for every boxing event he had so that this chemical is generated by his body. Pacquiao, may even be the type of athlete who can harvest the electricity generated by the excited crowd.

For people with type O blood, the so called "hunter blood type", dopamine is converted into a rush of adrenaline when in situations of danger. Perhaps, this may also be the reason some small guys can lift a big refrigerator when there is fire.

Athletes and artists who can't handle the electricity of the crowd may physically fold out. That's why it can be very straining to be an instant celebrity. But if one can somehow generate adrenaline from the resonance of their excitement, an athlete at times performs more than they normally can.

Therefore, I think it is favorable for professional sports and for action sportsmen to keep their physical constitution as well as their psyche to be kept in tact. Hair follicle tests, daily urine test will be non-invasive and as such are preferable. Blood test not near the events and perhaps after the event may be required just for the meticulous.

Otherwise, if I'm in Pacquiao's attack shoes, I may require the blood test to be taken from Floyd's legs so that I would have less difficulty chasing him in the ring.

Seriously though, you have eaten all those microbiotic diets and psyched yourself to generate all these hormones in the blood needed to get yourself in condition for competing and you would want to release all that tension to benefit your cause.

I knew even a boxer who would drink his own pee to get those hormones back (essentially your sports drink contains about the same chemicals contained in an athlete's urine).

If these PED, HGH or what have you are really that effective, will it not result to multiple boxers having 9-12 weight titles by now. And of all the places, will it be from the Philippines that these so called, designer drugs to come from?

If so, perhaps Filipinos must be in the top olympic-record breakers by now. Or Pacquiao's uncles and brothers must have been title holder boxers by now.

In my mind, getting into the blood of professional athletes can be an easy way to rig the sports. Host countries and a collaboration between boxing institutions can be arranged for the millions of money involved in one such event.

Would Hopkins win in Tralala country where their HBO counterpart have a prized cash cow and their Tralala sports commission will require the needles of the Tralala Anti-Doping Syndicate to prick the veins of Hopkins (for a so called random blood test)?

If that be the case, I would outpoint Hopkins if he will fight within such protocols based on the terms of my Homeowners' Association.

Asians have some experiences about western conspiracy, perhaps such is the last thing needed in the sport of boxing these days:

- Pancho Villa Was Dempsey In Miniature

- Francisco Guilledo

- Bruce Lee

- Bruce and Brandon Lee

How about the test?

- The real test is for these two guys to go at it between themselves. Unfortunately if any of these two is not willing to play a script that both may have little control, then we may never witness them head to head.

I can understand the eastern mentality of Pacquiao but I can't honestly judge Floyd to be really interested in the first place. Perhaps, he has rehearsed their fight script in his mind and however he rehearsed it, he finds himself not in full control.

For the most part, these two have to battle the other's meme within their minds. I hope Floyd don't succumb to Pacquiao meme in the same way Mosley might have and lose heart.

Pacquiao Mosley Fight Camp 360 Episode 5.

This is an article in a subtopic entitled- "Memes: The Manny Pacquiao Expose Series". The said article can be found in the Chapter III of my "Reboot" series which you can find here.


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