January 03, 2011

Money and the Form of Government - Seasteading

This is the second entry to the series, preceded by:

...The laws of the republic became not equal for all and neither do the government serve the majority of the people because they serve those who holds the major influence to their tenure.

As can be gleaned from the earlier part, humanity was trapped in the Casino endeavor of the casino-chip makers which we know as money. How was it orchestrated?

Well, I wouldn't like to dig the historical details nor elaborate those I came across. Suffice it to say that even the general records available to humanity would not contain the secrets of how it was done. But in my analysis, it would have been pushed by the constant warring and divisions among humanity.

Wars were mostly how many countries came to be instituted. And the onset of governments would have been a perfect opportunity for big financiers to control the founding fathers. In more cases than we might have known, these entities could have financed both sides of a war via arms industry and money, so that the ruling elites of government started being indebted to them.

In the Philippine history, it is much like Aguinaldo who received outside financial backing to build his government elites. Sadly, his ranks of elites which were tending towards settlement with American forces and ilustrados, quieted possible resistance from other Filipino war leaders (Bonifacio, Luna et al). The eventual turn-over of Spain to American forces was a negotiated event and we might never know if the turn-over to Philippine forces could also have involved an off-the-books arrangement (though we can get a hint via the eventual policies and the political elites given control).

I heard from a radio commentator that Marcos once thought about establishing a money system to have been named "phoenix" supposedly to be backed by the Yamashita treasure. The said treasure have origins from many countries and included Vatican (from Nazi) horde. So it was to be kept secret for some time to elapse, before being legally claimed by Philippines under international laws. If that's the case, what we've seen on the surface would have been less messy than what it actually have been. (I remember the Cory administration digging the Fort Bonifacio for Yamashita gold - who could have ordered/convinced her to do it?).

It would surely be interesting if the modern day historians start to chronicle the funding angles of wars and in-fighting within ranks (remember CODE-NGO's PEACe Bonds - in the modern Philippine power shift).

Money and resources surely pivot coups/wars and thereby the birth of new governments. In fact, there are hints that so many wars were provoked by powers in the military industrial complex and banking groups, possibly to in-debt the fighting parties. A new government swimming in debt can be coerced to accept printing of it's money to be in a central institution of private bankers. The chip-makers of the Casino game it has been, in this global casino, isn't really supposed to lose. They can contract and expand money supply like a magnetic yoyo that grabs your jewelries at each return to them.

Exploring Solutions

For humanities sake, we must find new ways for administration of human affairs free from such fundamental blemish.

I have come across some ideations such as the Venus Project and open money project but I have not studied them. More recently, I encountered Seasteading and I think, with this I can build a scenario for my own ideations for this blog.

In the meantime here is what is "Seasteading" concept:

The above image is found at the pages of Prospect magazine.

In the next installment, I will propose ideas that may help not only in the Seasteading endeavor but also other exploratory human betterment initiatives (in the context of Philippine scenario).

.. ciao for now

Addendum - here is a perspective from another person that I think is relevant to this topic and the earlier part of this series:

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