December 22, 2010

Remembering the 70s

Remember the 70s, the days when going to Luneta was a must. When the bug mobiles ran cool in the middle of the day without tint and sans the car air-con? Those were sure fun times and the brim of hope of the 'new society' was in the air. I think it was cool to pay for pictures posing beside the carabao statues because I saw lots of those from the albums. Well surely, it must have been, after drinking the machine squeezed sugar cane juice. I have vague memories which were triggered back by accidentally flipping some youtube pages.

Filipinos sure have a way to happiness. The good days were always accompanied by bad days like typhoons and the calamities of governments, but the times brought a wave of carefree attitude born out by the turbulent 60's.

Yes, I remember the double karate shows which were mostly imitations of Bruce Lee with actors having such intendedly misspelled names such as Bruce Lei and the like. Well the 80's continued this practice on products such as 'Addedas' and now we even have such marvels as original imitations. The fungi infested theaters lingered until the 80s where you end up having swelled legs after watching the dizzying stunts (from which Jackie Chan improved upon). The beta-max must have been in the drawing boards by that time.

Still we enjoyed the constant reruns of FPJ, Dolphy, Chiquito and even the ones from Paraluman because the b&w tube TV was beginning to be ubiquitous then. The refrigerator roared like a motorboat but we were in heaven hearing the vinyls' high fidelity sounds (although we had caution lest the tubes get too hot and break the component system). Crispa and Toyota were in constant battles then and we had our fix as if we watched the fights of Pacquiao or was treated to the occasional foreign reruns. Those were the times when the benevolent western companies occasionally screen for free movies like James Bond (who had a cellphone under his shoe) which in turn localized to Agent X44 by Toni Ferrer.

Those were the times when teachers were well off and good at their jobs and one working parent can raise half a dozen kids for such undertaking like tailoring works. Those were the times when we get bitten by the mosquitoes and drenched by rain but seemed never get ill nor had allergies (even from taking baths from the gutter run-off). Yes, during those years we were unafraid to drink from the NAWASA lines and the lagoons even supplied mineral water. However washing clothes was always a chore that entailed carrying the appurtenances off to the river. Yes, there were a different kind of risk as when I nearly lost a finger falling from collecting the tamarind that fell on our rooftops. But the old ones had their ready concoctions using coco-oil and chili peppers (perhaps, it was the guava leaves that healed it).

And so as I look back, I can now say, I fell in love with the 70s. Perhaps I even fell in love that time, although I didn't know it then.

So here's to the 70s:

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