January 17, 2011

Seasteading - Virtual Social Operating System


This is the 3rd entry to the series, preceded by:

"Money and resources surely pivot coups/wars and thereby the birth of new governments.

...For humanities sake, we must find new ways for administration of human affairs free from such fundamental blemish. "


The following pictures of 'Floating Ark' concept may be a starting point for Seasteading.

This can be enhanced by adding tubular posts anchored on the seabed, similar to the offshore oil rigs, for an underwater pyramidal support. The tubular posts can be used for further modular downward expansion of underwater facilities. It may also be functional for transporting robotic equipments for deep sea mining and for circulating the deep cold waters upwards for air-conditioning purposes.

The above images and more, with the relevant explanations can be found here.

Seasteading may be most ideal for island nations like the Philippines giving a foresight for future interconnectedness of the land masses. I think these seasteading islets can be accommodated within Philippine territories and given broad country-like status for it's own government and money systems. That way, a new, multi-ethnic/multi-racial Atlantis-like sister-country can be born. And from there, the Philippine systems may derive a new vista for rebirth.

On the other hand, a planned-opolis like this, needs many land-based resources to start-up and will benefit from protection within the territory of an existing country.

Possibilities for the Philippines

Like in the computer system, especially if the operating system experiences some hiccups, people have installed a way to operate an OS within the current OS. It is a soft way to venture in another paradigm, much like testing linux using 'vmware player' under a windows OS (or testing windows within linux using 'virtualbox').

As the world tends to collapse today, seasteading can even be a venue of testing and developing the technologies to conquer space. Think of the enormous space exploration expenditures. To live on the middle of the sea is a more logical step to conquering planetary terraforming challenges. The modular systems for biosphere building and generation of needed energy is exactly what will be needed if we are to have mini-civilizations or bases on more barren environments like that of Mars or the moon.

If the Philippines champions this endeavor, I can foresee that international and multi-national attention will be stirred. Interested parties will visit the country just for the utopic visions. And the country can be spared from involvement in the many brewing wars of today if the project involves intellectuals from any country. It may even be possible to settle the Spratly's dispute using the genes of a successful seasteading nation.

This endeavor will force mankind to view responsibility and sustainability in a different vista as required by:
- biosphere planning/implementation
- water management/natural desalination and waste management within the biosphere
- new food sources, delivery and transport system
- energy systems involving sea and air

As a venue for new money and government system testing, a soft human culture reboot without involving war can be achieved. In this start-up country, social hierarchies and elitism may be eliminated. If it is built without controlling indebtedness, many people will volunteer their efforts to this egalitarian start-up country. Scientists and inventors which were treated as social outcasts because of the inherent threat of their labors to the status quo will have a chance to apply their ideations. Think about the countless Stan Meyers, or Teslas that can arise. We have our own Daniel Dingle who might be persuaded to use his reputed water car systems for the energy generation of the sea steading nation. A hybrid transport using Dingle's watercar system coupled with aircar would be way too cool.

Already, there are various islets of ideations aside from Venus Project and Open money systems mentioned on the previous article. Connecting the dots may just be as interesting internationally and can be an alternative reality media must watch. Have a look at these additional perspectives floating around.

Even corporations may populate the seastead nation with their functional prototype for showcase purposes. For example Hitachi solar air-condition technology, as seen below would be easy to infuse in the design of residences:

And what if the seasteading nation is just off the coast of Boracay or such tropical wonders? A water building resort will surely be a boon both to Boracay and the interests of a seastead nation.

I hope these get you warmed up for the next installment of this series.

Next up: Possible sources of wealth within the seastead nation.

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