November 19, 2010

Pacquiao Margarito: Round by round noises

Yes, at the onset, I had some misgivings with this Pacquiao event due to some things which include:

* possible implosion and economic dangers at the Nov. date within the US
* move coming from some quarters to derail/defame Pacquiao in any way
* Margarito's reinstatement to the limelight w/c I can agree to be on the side of ignominy
* BP oil spill and air spraying of chemicals which I deem to be near the venue
* rogue acts and activities which are usually occurring simultaneously with big sporting or social events (ex. Olympics and the like)

Anyhow, this event did take place and as usual it took our attentions even after some days (not to mention months before).

Anyway, I recently viewed the tapes again. This time, I expanded my observations and I tried to soak impressions from the cacophony of mental and audible registers of this event.

So here is my log of the rounds:

Congratulations to Pacquiao and the Filipinos. The congressman had the wiser sense when he held back his power. It could have been an utter disaster in the later rounds as Mr. Jerry Jones must have sensed the presence of the "grim reaper" that night. The Pacman was able to rise against the very nature of his own training as a pugilist at the right time.

There are so many things with which other nations can look down on this country, but in my mind, the excellent performance and benevolence of this Filipino is to be written in history as a bright spot!

hindsight references:
- Quotes
- tecnical analysis :

Floyd Sr.

Disclaimer: - the names and quotes are based on impressions and must not be construed as factual, although they are based on evident facts

.thanks to DJ Bumbay for the DVD of the said event

Addendum/ Update 2011, March 5:

I was ahead and off by quite a few months on my earlier post and hesitation about Pacquiao - Marg fight. That might have been be more meaningful/timely for Pac's fight this 2011.

Here is one recent perspective of why there's more to consider than a boxing match:


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