February 14, 2013

Tales from the Realms - Orions and Sirians

... continued

   So one evening, after the holidays, I was contemplating the life story of Mr. Mills.   As the night tarried, in my mind flashed some scenes like snapshots of dreams.

   Impressions of the sinking ship and the commotion, the shadow beings imbibing the fears and agony of people entered my mind.  The reptilians in their technologically altered density were cannibalizing the astral bodies.

   There was a scene of Mr. Miller, he was drinking and playing cards with agents.   He was drunk and began to relate his story while his wife was busy serving them on the table.

   It may have saved him to have related the sad tale because these operatives decided not to kill him.  Instead they warned her pregnant wife that they have to go and start their lives somewhere else. 

   What are these visual projections?  Are they interpretations of my mind, or information transmitted to my mental body?  Are they just like how remote viewers receive their information?

   For sure, we human beings are multidimensional in nature.   We have layers of bodies of differing densities stuck together.  And deep within, perhaps, the real being is what Airl, the alien interviewed would have called an IsBe.

   Perhaps, we haven't really understood ourselves.  Could it be due to, the way we were brought up and weaned to a diet of false paradigms?   Perhaps its time we try to get to the bottom of our psyche and discover what is within, in order to transcend this matrix.

    Without properly sharpened discernment, a mortal would easily fall prey to the wiles of beings such as Anu.  He was able to get so many so called IsBes to do his bidding.   The self styled god of 4th dimension and below called "the One" has created some paradigms for different IsBes of the different layers of the empire.

   Sovereign beings, immortal children of the universe were made into fearful cogs of his self-serving pyramid.   He has even subtly provoked the warring of his children so that they would all be to consumed not to try replacing him on his throne.

   My hunch is that the Airl interview was among the last of a series of UFO crashes in the late 1940s.  And this one was an intentional one.   Somewhere in their web of command, came a scenario to direct these mishaps into an opportunity for propaganda.  An occasion to present truth mixed with lies.  To dazzle human minds would have served like some fine recruitment papers.

   The so-called Domain Expeditionary Forces were not interested in freeing IsBes from a planet they considered their territory.   Their empire must have wanted the prison intact, only the keys would be what is to their interests.

   I owe an alternative interpretation to those who were beguiled by the tales of their empire and their exploits.  The so called Roswell alien interview may not even be that of Roswell.   Who would have known if Ms. O'Donnel  was told the truth in the first place (by either the military or Airl)?

   The human military hierarchy that investigated Airl could have been shopping to throw their allegiance to whatever ET faction could have the best offer.   And we have a hint of such attitude within the elite hierarchies.

   Based on the papers, the forces of this ET faction were entrenched in the asteroid belt from where their communication officer relayed the downloaded data.  They could have relayed from supercomputers somewhere near Saturn.  Saturn was a former Sirian base during the Maldek times.

   Were they the so called ring-makers of Saturn? The so called Domain Anunnaki Expedition Forces could have been battling with the Sirians in our solar system 10,000 years ago until at least the 1940s.  Perhaps they were implementing a cosmic version of Admiralty Laws for their war engagement.

   Putting two and two together, at least in the time-line of Mr. Mills, the pyramid of power in the earth matrix was still mostly in the hands of Marduk, a serpent-reptile hybrid son of Enki (as of the alien interview date).

   Enki became human, his soul was recycled thru the natural process of self-evaluation and correction within the hollow earth.  Enki is of the serpent race, he is the head who has to bite the tail, Marduk, a hardliner for the Sirian reign.

   I see no need to demonize the Sirian pyramid technologies and culture in the way Airl did.  There are purposes for pyramids.

   The designer of the Great Pyramid was Thoth.  He was a semi-human who was searching for immortality, knowledge and wisdom (which he might have partially lost, and later found via hollow earth).

   Thoth would use the captured pyramid energies to shoot his astral body to the cosmic destinations he was investigating.  (He also wirelessly transmitted the stored energy for lighting and for powering his ankh.)

   Interestingly, Enki could have been born of a mother who was of Sirian and Elohim origins as shown on the direction of shafts connected to the Queen's chamber.    His father was the One, Anu, a king of an empire that has colors of Orion and Draco alliance, aptly what the King's Chamber shafts point to.

   Lemuria, an early civilization was of a Sirian and Pleiadian heritage.  Atlantis, was a child civilization of Lemuria which contain other Elohim descended races like the Atlans from Vega plus the peoples from the expeditionary hollow planet of Nibiru.

   Both of the above civilizations sunk to the bottom of the sea.   Many of their souls would have undergone the self-evaluation in 5D hollow earth and reincarnated as human.   This is the natural soul process that the 4D bodied ET would not submit to.   Instead they created a mimic technology of soul capture, reprogramming via electric shock and re-personalization.

  Will Thoth come back to retrieve the spaceship he buried within the paws of the Sphinx to fight for mankind?   Will he bring back his comrades from within the hollow earth, the Agarthans and Telosians?   Or he may have already embedded 144,000 of them, humans with buried memories now living among us.

   People who can astral travel the hidden realms might be able to answer.   Perhaps we are in the process of liberation and release.

   2013 is interesting.  At least we have no 2012 cataclysm and we can go build new dreams!

free energy from pyramid:

... to be continued

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