June 29, 2010

Web Control Office on Spreadsheet

Re: My previous post about web control embedded in a spreadsheet, there are some slight variations when using office 2007 or 2010 version. The "Visual Basic" toolbar is replaced with the "Developer" tab in the ribbon area. You may have a hidden 'Developer' tab in the ribbon so you may refer to microsoft on how to do show this tab. Otherwise the steps and code will just be the same. Except perhaps if you opted to customize your spreadsheet application a bit.

I have uploaded a version with some customization. You may find it here: Browser.xls

As you can see, I have changed the spreadsheet background and reworked the code to show a theater screen curtain when the toggle button captioned 'power' is turned off. Of course it is also pulling the image from the web so don't expect the screen to show the intended URL if you are offline.

I have left open the VBA portion (you can view it by pressing 'Alt-F11') so you can further modify it. You can load it initially with macro disabled to check that there is no malicious code therein. You may also put additional controls similar to media player buttons to go to the next or previous URL, for example these button types: Media-Player-Buttons.

Some techniques we have employed in creating the said application will be helpful as I post other similar topics. The data validation formatting of a cell, the range name that refers to a dynamic list and the 'vlookup' formula. These will be useful as I will be posting later how to make an Excel front end to a database system.

I am planning to post how to use Excel in Accounting. Excel is particularly adept at the complexities required in business and to use it in the generation of the books of account is ideal. However, I will call in a more robust database component for maintaining the records. It will be a good learning experience for me and for you.

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